Curated By: Stephanie Nicolò

“The word is on the tip of my tongue…” Curatorial Statement:

It is so close – the moment of full satisfaction – but it’s stunted by an invisible mind-knot. It is that sheer second of bliss when you finally recall the word, yet the joy is short-lived: the energy of the story has disseminated. We animate our lives through stories, recalling pain and joy but it also what is not said that create our environments. It is this staccato in our memories that I intend to express in this small exhibition of photo, paint and sculpture. Each artwork holds a piece of the puzzle we call our “Self” that is formed by daily experiences. Each piece is an element of our lives, capturing a moment that we neither want to return to nor escape from. They are experiences from childhood, the natural environment, spiritual and bodily encounters. They act as the words of our personal story, the words that are on “the tip of our tongues.”

Curator Bio:

Stephanie Nicolò is a contemporary artist and is the lead curator at the Aurora Cultural Centre. Ms. Nicolo designs & develops exhibitions with a particular interest in the relationship between visual art and community. A York University alumni, Miss Nicolo has a BFA Honours in Visual Arts and has specialized in Community Art Practice. A sample of her shows at the Centre include; SHIFT: solo exhibition by Krista Arnold; playing HOUSE making HOME: an exhibition exploring domestic traditions with contemporary reflection andpARTners: a collaboration between OSA artists and emerging artists.

Featured Image

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