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As a registered Artist Marketplace member, you may submit listings for original works of art, in all media including but not limited to digital images, paintings, drawings, and prints, that you have created and that you desire to sell through the site. You may not submit listings for original works of art that were created by another artist.
If you want to remove a listing for an art work from the site you must go to your account and follow the steps set forth on that page. If you are experiencing trouble with this, please contact info@yorkregionartscouncil.com.

By signing up for Artist Marketplace and placing original works for sale, you acknowledge and agree that you are the primary copyright holder of the work you make available through the Site, and that you are the creator of all such works.



Prices for art works will be as specified on the applicable listing. You acknowledge that prices do not include shipping and handling charges or applicable Taxes (defined below), if any, for which you are responsible and which will be separately identified on your receipt. Artist Marketplace and/or its third party service providers (I.E., Paypal Services) will collect your billing and shipping information and process your payment. The artist identified on the listing of the art work will ship the purchased work directly to you. You will be required to contact with the Artist directly to coordinate shipping details. It is your responsibility to ensure the validity and accuracy of any information provided concerning payment and shipment, as well as providing the artist with any necessary information relating to the transaction within a sufficient time via email or in writing. Title and ownership of all goods shall not pass to Purchaser until payment of purchase price and any other additional costs has been received by the Seller.
All sales are non-refundable. Cancellation of the order must be done before agreeing to purchase and processing payment via the Artist Marketplace e-commerce service.
Works do not include a frame unless otherwise specified.
As a consumer, you have legal rights regarding the return of defective goods and claims in respect of losses caused by any negligence on the artist’s part and/or their failure to carry out their agreed upon obligations. We ask that you examine the art works as soon as possible after delivery. Any claim by you based on any defect in the quality and/or condition of the art works must be notified to the artist within 14 days after delivery or within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect if it was not apparent on the initial inspection. Artist Marketplace/YRAC is not responsible and cannot guarantee the quality and/or condition of original art works and how they may be displayed on ArtistMarketplace.ca due to various factors, including the display and colour capabilities of your computer monitor.
Artist Marketplace/YRAC is not liable for any financial damage (including but not limited to the cost of any replacement purchase) that may occur because of non-timely arrival or any lack of availability or conformity of the product.

Purchaser shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Artist Marketplace/YRAC from and against all claims, demands, causes of action (including third-party claims), losses, damages, expenses (including consequential and incidental damages, court costs and attorney fees) and liabilities of every kind and nature that Artist Marketplace/YRAC incurs as a result of Purchaser’s breach of any of Purchaser’s obligations under the Terms of Sale and/or Purchaser Terms and Agreements.