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Unique, soulful, stirring works of art that force your deepest emotions to the surface. I take interesting and unique photographs, mostly of people, and turn them into unique and wondrous works of art. I think it's wrong that so often people suffer in silence with the challenges they face in life, so I create works of art that express my deepest emotions and help others tap into theirs. I'm on a mission to prove that when seen and appreciated every day, art can change lives, ease pain, calm anxiety and depression, and can absolutely devastate a bad mood. We all have things we've buried deep inside, both good and bad, and my art is designed to bring those things back to the surface and help you to embrace them. Let my artwork take you away to that magical place deep inside where you can just relax and appreciate life and everything around you. For me my artwork has become a therapy of sorts that helps me work through the health challenges that I deal with every day. It's what helps me get out of bed in the morning, what keeps me up at night far too late and what stokes the fire and passion inside me enough to be the kind of husband, father and person I strive to be. Take some time, look through my artwork and see what it does for you.

Digital Artistry using Digital Photography
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