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My painting style is illustrative. Words and phrases that capture my attention are the creative inspiration for my paintings.
My medium is acrylic paint on canvas, paper, and more recently wood panel. I prefer to design my paintings first by doing a series of sketches to capture the image exactly as I see it in my mind. Many times I stretch and prepare my own canvases instead of trying to force an idea onto a standard size.
The ‘Cruizin’ Series has been the most enjoyable but also the most time consuming to produce so far. Much thought and consideration is put into researching specific features of each car that I select for a painting, making it easily identifiable to the viewer. Characters of my own design are then added, many of whom are inspired by people that I have met at some point in my life, that suit the selected car and the selected phrase, creating a play on words with the title of each painting.
People can identify with my whimsical, surreal worlds giving them an emotional connection either through the car, the characters, or the depicted activity.

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